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The Commissioners are proud to announce the launch of their new website. The new website leaps forward in terms of contents and interactivity. Designed around the needs of the IBC’s stakeholders, including the public at large, it takes on a heightened profile within the Commission’s overall communications strategy that is based on increasing awareness of a very thin line that both unites and separates the United States and Canada. More than a window into the workings of the IBC, the new website, through its interactive features, is designed as a useful “go to” resource for anyone, whether a federal, state, provincial or municipal government, a landowner, a land surveyor, or a member of the public at large with a stake in, or simply interested in the international boundary or geography. It addresses the needs of each type of visitor and provides answers to most questions asked by those who live, or work near the boundary. It provides functionalities for the consultation and downloading of official boundary maps and publications such as the Joint Annual Report. Its interactive map browser will prove more than useful to landowners and surveyors. Using the website as a portal, the IBC will improve communication with all stakeholders, increase its visibility in both countries and internationally, and highlight its accomplishments. It is designed to become the main gateway to information regarding the work of the IBC by allowing easy consultation and download of all relevant information regarding the boundary. This milestone in the history of the Commission further demonstrates the results of the fruitful cooperation between our two countries in achieving the common goal of maintaining an effective, well-defined, and peaceful boundary.